Leather classes coming to Phoenix, Az!! Sept 4th - 8th at THE AIRBRUSH ART CIRCUS!!

I'm so excited to announce our class at the airbrush art circus!!!

Pro Leather Tactics teaches the secrets to painting on leather! Learn the chemistry and proper techniques to prep, paint, and clear coat leather! There will be three different types of leather items that you will paint in this class: a wallet, a leather art panel and a pair of leather Converse shoes! The tactics you will learn will guarantee that your art on leather will be permanent, durable, and vibrant for years to come!

You can not beat hands on learning! If you want to break into the leather art industry or you have some experience painting leather but you want to be an expert, this is the class to take! Sign up soon to reserve a free pair of leather converse shoes to paint in the class! You can purchase your tickets online at airbrushartcircus.com payment plans are available!!!

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