LK sponsored artist John A Motter AKA JAM Customs

John A Motter AKA JAM Customs


I've been in Florida for almost 30 years 

Been a sneaker collector for 20 years

And have had an artistic background my whole life from painting cars and motorcycles to doing tattoos and graffiti.


I have been Customizing sneakers since late 2019 and I'm moving at a tremendous pace, I’m still trying to find my "niche" but I'm soaking up as much info as humanly possible to make art that people don't see every day, liquid kicks is just the icing on the cake for every project. I wouldn't trust anything more.


I like to make durable shoes and art that will withstand any weather or conditions, and with liquid kicks topcoats I can do exactly that!


The LK team is all about making a product best formulated for the user.

Great Company, Great people, Great product!




FACEBOOK: @All Things Custom By JAM

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