Rob Bass of Bass Customs

Rob Bass of Bass Customs 

Rob is originally from the Midwest and is now currently residing in Phoenix, AZ!

He started customizing shoes after the Detroit Pistons won the championship in 2004 on a pair of reeboks using sharpies, shortly after that he upgraded to puffy paint and was only painting random Nike’s for himself and close friends.

Fast forward to 2013 after dropping out of college, He left his job to start a new one without much desire to continue working for someone. The rise of Instagram and Facebook brought a lot of artists, customizers, and refinishers into the public eye. Bass stumbled across a few restoration pages and wanted to jump back into customizing as well as learning to restore shoes.

He set goals and stayed focused. By 2016 Bass had become known as one of the best sneaker restorers in Arizona but he stopped restoring to focus strictly on customizing shoes.

Rob Bass chased his dreams, smashed his goals, and now works as a full-time artist! He has gone from customizing shoes locally to worldwide and is creating amazing custom shoes for rappers, Dj’s, pro athletes, and even Ciroc. Creating some of the highest quality customs is about passion and his passion certainly shows in his work!







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