So many colors!

As an artist, it has been a dream to find a color set that is truly perfect. Big companies look at the cost before they look at the color and it prevents their color pallets from being everything you could ever hope for.

When we decided to create a color set, we browsed a library of pigments that is so large, it would make any artist go crazy. The exact pigments we were looking for were easily found in this collection. Some of these pigments are rare, difficult to introduce into a binder, and expensive, but that wasn't what we were worried about.  We wanted a perfect pallet no matter what we had to do.

It took a long time to create a process for making our paints. From designing the perfect binder to figuring out the perfect amount of pigment to use to create an evenly balanced set of colors, the whole process was intense. The end result was worth all the hard work and sacrifices.

We are proud to present the LK Color set! 

9 colors that can make absolutely any color you want! (There are 10,000,000 colors that the eye can see)

What good would it do to have the ability to make any color if you didn't know how to mix them properly? So we decided to write a guide! The guide will teach you to create colors with ease. In fact, after reading the guide, you will be looking at colors in a whole new way. Your perception of color will change and the artist in you will be empowered and free to create!

Thank you to all of our amazing customers who have helped us achieve this goal. We are so excited to share this incredible color set with you!

Coming 12/16/2019

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