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Welcome to LK SHOES School of Art and Design!




About the school

LK SHOES School of Art and Design is an online course that will be continuously growing and evolving. Taught by successful artists who have experience in the modern industry in a setting that works for people of all skill levels. We offer most of our content and classes for free or very cheap in order to grow the industry and community! The classes will cover all aspects of creating custom art and running a successful art business! Many of our classes will be held live via online video conferencing and through recorded tutorials on our website!


Why do i need classes?

The art industry has evolved and art schools haven't been able to keep up with the modern industry. There isn't many resources for artists who want to create a realistic and successful career for themselves in today's world.

Let's be realistic. It takes an incredible amount of time, money, and dedication to become so famous for your art that it commands big money and is sought after by art collectors world wide. You have better odds of becoming a pro athlete.

The artist who makes a successful career for themselves in today's market, is versatile and is not limited to one medium. Most of them are creating works of art that can be used, worn, and enjoyed in a social way. These artists are not hunting for the unicorn art buyer that will pay them enough money to buy a house after one sale. Instead they are targeting the customers who want something personal and are willing to pay a decent amount of money to get it. The value of a versatile artist ends up being determined by the artists ability to bring someone else's vision to life on an item that they desire to have personalized. Art applied to items such as motorcycles, cars, t shirts, shoes, etc, can bring a steady and generous income to artists who are prepared for anything.

Let us help open the doors to your future as a full time artist!


All recorded videos and tutorials will be free.



Where do i find the classes?

You can find them below! Don't worry if it seems like there isn't much available yet, we will be adding to this page frequently so check back often!