Rolph Vassor

My name is Rolph Vassor and I’ve been an artist since the days of Looney Tunes on Saturday mornings.

I’ve been drawing and coloring around the age of 7, drawing Bugs Bunny to Conan The Adventurer on lined notebook paper. My 4th grade Art Teacher, Mrs.Robinson asked me to sign up for the Art Club after school and she and my teacher, Ms.Bowles helped me sign up for art magnet school for 5th grade an hour away south from where I lived. From 5th grade in South Miami Elementary, Ms.Broom nurtured me and propelled my life as an Artist to South Miami Middle School’s Magnet program. From there Mr.Summers groomed me as an Artist and young teen. I auditioned to New World School of The Arts where I was fine-tuned into a true Artist by Mr. Hunter and Mr.Wyroba along with the other faculty and staff. The skills I gained at the New World School of the Arts allowed me to be the Artist that I am today. Three years later, I earned my Bachelors in Fine Arts at Ringling College and am currently working as an Artist, Graphic Artist. 

I came to the knowledge of Liquid Kicks via Facebook. I’ve been customizing shoes for almost a year now. Thanks to the wisdom and knowledge of Jeff Chamberlain as an Artist, I am now a Liquid Kicks lifer. Thanks to Jeff and LK top coats I can promise my customers a lifetime guarantee of their art piece. Not only do I use it on the shoes I paint but also on the canvas paintings I’m commissioned. The lack of experience doesn’t allow me to compare your product to others besides a few and you’re way more guaranteed then the rest. Thank you, Jeff, for being there to educate me in this field and provide a quality product to protect the art I create. 

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