The Airbrush Art Circus

The Airbrush Art Circus is run by Rob Churchill. It takes a lot to become someone I look up to. Rob Churchill has quickly become one of those people.

Rob doesn't talk about all the things he does for the airbrush community. He doesn't let the public see how hard he works to make the Airbrush Art Circus possible. He doesn't ask for praise for his efforts that guarantee an amazing experience for the students.

If you think he does it all for money, you would be dead wrong. In fact, if you total up the just the cost of the materials supplied for each student you would be surprised that the classes only cost $725.

I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to look behind the scenes. It has opened my eyes and humbled me. I came back from the art circus with a new outlook and I am so grateful for the experience I've gained from it.

I don't kiss ass, that's not the reason for this post. I just needed to let the world know the truth about rob and the wonderful friends, artists, and teachers who give their time and effort to help make all of this available to our community.

Of course, without the rest of the people who work so hard to help, Rob wouldn't be able to make it happen. People like Rose Marquez Churchill, Jaz Davis, Chris Onstot, Darren Wenzel, Jason Brookshire, Ramon Luna Jr., Terry Stephens, Mike Learn, Chris..., Mike Marquez, Kenneth Obrecht, and so many more who set up and cleaned up and made the show run smoothly!

All the spectacular teachers Gerald Mendez, Scott MacKay, Ryan Evans, Darren Wenzel, Mike learn, Ryan Townsend, Armando Saldana, Cory Saint Clair, Jason Brookshire, Terry Stephens, Gary Worthington, Angie Harnage, Steve Gibson, and Jenn Mayberry!

And we can't forget the businesses who invest in the future of our industry by helping with the show! Sponsors such as Anest Iwata, Createx Colors, Coast Airbrush, FBS Tapes and Sprayers, LumiLor, Fisheye Filter, Trulers, and more! Thank you for all of the effort you put into the community!


To get tickets to The Airbrush Art Circus visit or go to their Facebook page airbrushartcircus  


Below are shots from the show in San Antonio!


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