LK Top Coats Technical datasheet

LK Top Coats are a high-performance water-based hybrid acrylic polyurethane resin designed for use on leather and canvas. All of our products are manufactured in house under very strict quality control. 

Preparation: Use a clean lint-free cotton cloth dampened with acetone or alcohol (depending on the type of leather) to clean only the leather surface which you intend to paint. Do not excessively clean the surface. You should feel the surface change from slick to tacky as you are cleaning it. As soon as it changes feel, it has been sufficiently been cleaned. Allow the surface to sit for 10 to 20 minutes to allow solvents to escape. Do not force dry. Remove any dust or debris with a clean dry synthetic paintbrush.

Applying paint: Work in light layers until color or art design is complete. Allow each layer to dry before continuing on to the next layer. Once all color is applied, heat set or force dry using a hairdryer or heat gun with temperature not exceeding 350f. Allow the surface to cool before applying top coat.

Applying Top Coat: LK Top Coats can be applied with a soft brush in 2 coats, but the best way to apply it is with an airbrush with a tip size between .2mm and .7mm with air pressure between 25psi and 35psi. Spray top coat directly at the surface from 3 to 5 inches away with an airbrush, or 4 to 8 inches away with a spray gun. Apply top coat in even coats by working from side to side and top to bottom while overlapping each previous line to create medium wet coats. Allow top coat to dry before moving to the next coat.

Drying: Top Coats are best dried with a hairdryer with a temperature not exceeding 350f. Air drying will take 35 to 50 minutes depending on ambient temperature and humidity. Force drying should not be allowed to exceed 10 minutes. LK Top Coats are ready to handle and use after fully drying but full chemical and scratch resistance is only achieved after 12 hours of curing at room temperature 70f.

Pot Life: Once the product is poured into an open-air container such as an airbrush cup or mixing cup, curing will begin. A test showed that in a 1/8oz airbrush cup at 72f the product was usable for 2 hours before performance was affected. In a similar test in a 16oz cup, the product was usable for 6 hours. To extend pot life, keep unused portion covered with a cap or lid. The shelf life of unopened bottles of Top Coat has been proven to be longer than 1 year under normal conditions. The shelf life of partially used bottles has not shown to be an issue.

Coverage: One 2oz bottle will coat more than 15 pairs of leather shoes or 1 large leather car seat. Coverage on canvas will vary based on the type of canvas and size.

Storage: Store between 50f and 80f and away from long term exposure to direct sunlight to prevent oxidation. Long term exposure to temperatures over 120f and below 30f may cause a loss of product performance. Keep lid closed when not in use to prevent drying.

Clean up: Clean all tools immediately use with water, acetone or 4012 reducer by Createx ColorsTM. Clean up of dried top coats requires harsh solvents such as M.E.K. or volatile paint strippers. Clean all traces of sealer out of your airbrush or spray gun immediately after use to prevent the product from drying inside the body and causing a difficult to remove clog! Rinse until cleaner no longer becomes foggy from top coat.