Ashlee Calbert AKA the GOAT

Ashlee Calbert (known to most as Ash the Goat) is a sneaker artist located in Richmond, Virginia that prefers hand painting everything that she touches. 


 Born and raised in Mississippi, Ashlee has always loved any form of art and would draw any time she could while younger. 

Eventually, art took a backseat as she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in biology and healthcare administration. Equipped with her Bachelor’s degree Ashlee still felt like a void was missing and eventually picked up a pencil and started to draw again.  A random trip to Walmart, a cheap pair of shoes, and bottles of Apple Barrel paint sparked the beginning of her painting on shoes. Since then she has painted hundreds of shoes, jackets, Nike shorts, hats, & any other items she could and shipped to all 50 states and 3 other countries. 

Ashlee is known to people as “Ash the goat” and although some may use that term referring to “greatness” she humbly describes the meaning behind her nickname and logo as something more. When asked why she uses a goat and goes by the name she responds with “It’s funny people started calling me that because of my logo. I didn’t give myself the name, but it stuck. When I first did my logo I KNEW that I wanted a goat. I wasn’t thinking I’m great at anything. Goats are herbivores. I don’t eat meat either. They’re intelligent, independent, and have incredible agility and balance. Also, in the Chinese zodiac, the goat represents creativity & a perfectionist. So it definitely goes deeper than me thinking I’m “great” when I KNOW that I can be I’m just trying to live up to that”

Ashlee thinks of herself as an artist that will paint on any canvas that will hold paint and has it in her mind that she’s competing with herself from the previous day any time she picks up a brush. 

Facebook: Ashlee’s Customs 

Instagram: @AshleesCustoms

Instagram: @ya_hiiighness

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