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Derek Ross is a Seattle based painter who excels in the use of the airbrush and the art of specializing in photorealism portraits, automotive, wall murals and anything that will accept paint. A native of Seattle, Washington, his distinctive paintings pay homage to his homeland. The beautiful Pacific Northwest and the Seattle Seahawks.

"It just kinda chose me," said Seattleite Derek Ross about his artwork growing up.

From the moment he could pick up a pencil and put it to paper, he was drawing and expressing what he saw. Now, decades later, he has turned his hobby and talent into a flourishing business and career.

At the age of 7, Ross displayed to sit down and zone out into his designs, starting with simple car drawings but quickly developing those into more complicated pieces. They were humble beginnings, with just a simple pencil and paper to get him started. Developing his craft and range from portraits of loved ones or their pets to passion pieces such as favorite bands or sports teams, there really isn't a single thing he can't paint.

His motto is simple- "Just paint it."

Today, his business is growing designing shoes, footballs, wall murals, handbags/purses, prosthetics for the Wounded Warrior Foundation, and is a part of the design team for the Seattle Seahawks.

Ross's artwork has been shown in exhibits in Seattle including local news, radio stations and recently partnered with MGM Grand in Las Vegas to showcase his Beastie Balls.

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Instagram: @DangeRossDrock

Instagram: @Beastie_Balls

Twitter: @RockWilder80




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