Marcus Campbell (also known as WavyKickFitz) is a sneaker artist located in Columbia, SC. He loves using his airbrush to create a lot of different simplicity colorways. There’s not a lot of noticeable talents in Columbia so he uses his time to create art so he can eventually be able to use his talent to give back
to his community while teaching the youth how to customize at a young age so they can transcend in the world early being entrepreneurs.

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right” is the quote he grew up on.
He graduated from Claflin University with a BS in Computer Engineering. Everyone always asked, “What made you start doing this?” Which he could understand where they were coming from because this had NOTHING to do with this major and he can’t draw to save his life. He was always a sneakerhead but
didn’t have the funds to buy any (especially since he was in school). He was scrolling on Instagram and was inspired by other big-time customizers and he didn’t even know customizing was a huge thing.

That’s when the quote above came into place and he said: “I’m going to start my own business and become a sneaker customizer”. He didn’t have a lot of resources or knowledge when it came to customizing so in 2014 he picked up an airbrush, some paint and the next thing you know WavyKickFitz
was established. At first, he was in for the money just so he can help pay bills while getting the shoes he wanted but over time, he realized his passion for customizing and it took his mindset to a whole different level. It took him a lot of trial and error but now he’s on his way to the top while continuing to grow and
perfect his craftsmanship every day.

“Stand out, Be Different, Get Wavy” – WavyKickFitz Moto.
Instagram - @WavyKickFitz / @McampbellSoup
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