6 pack 4oz Starter Kit of LK Leather Sealer

6 pack 4oz Starter Kit of LK Leather Sealer

LK Top Coats
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The whole set of our leather coatings and top coats! Set includes our amazing leather finishes which are High Gloss, Gloss, Factory, Matte, and Flat, and you also get a bottle of Primer to make your art permanent as possible!

All of our finishes can be mixed with each other so you can math any sheen!!

LK Top Coats are the highest quality leather topcoats in the industry! We designed our topcoats to protect your art on a variety of surfaces such as leather, vinyl, PVC, canvas, cotton, and silk. They are extremely scratch-resistant, UV-resistant, waterproof, and chemical resistant. LK Top Coats give you the ability to send your custom leather, canvas, and vinyl products out into the world with confidence that they will not peel, lift, crack or fade and they will always look good.



High Gloss needs to be applied in 3 wet coats and dried fully between coats. We recommend allowing each coat to air dry for 10 minutes before using a hairdryer to finish the drying process. This air-drying time is critical to allowing the topcoat to flow out and form a smooth film that will allow for the highest level of gloss possible. Rushing the drying process will cause the film to dry with an uneven surface and lower the gloss level. 

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